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Working Groups

Members will be able to access and participate in working groups that meet on a regular basis. CMAA working groups are member-driven and chaired by industry experts from across the critical minerals value chain, bringing in a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds. 

The working groups enable members to set the agenda and drive forward change on issues that matter to them. 

Benefits of working groups include:

  • driving thought leadership 

  • latest industry, research, and policy updates 

  • networking with individuals and businesses across the value chain

  • collaboration and partnership opportunities 

  • influencing policy to reflect practical industry needs 

Environmental, Social & Governance

Driving thought leadership on responsible supply chains.


Dismantling barriers facing critical mineral explorers and miners.

Processing & Refining

Catalysing onshore midstream and downstream processing.

Global North

Understanding Global North OEM and investor expectations.

South East Asian

Accessing and operating within South East Asian markets.

African Markets

Creating diplomatic ties and supporting operators in Africa.

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