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Critical Minerals Association Australia

Providing a unique and collective voice for industry

Building Australian Critical Minerals Supply Chains

The Critical Minerals Association Australia (CMA Australia) aims to amplify the voice of its members to build a profitable, sustainable and globally recognised critical minerals industry. The CMA Australia is a member-driven organisation that is committed to putting Australian sovereign critical minerals interests first and helping its members to navigate international supply chains and geopolitical complexities.

The CMAA also collaborates closely with research institutions and governments to find optimal pathways and strategies to position Australia as a critical minerals superpower on the global stage. 

Adding Value
Mission & Focus

The CMA Australia represents and positions the sector to:

  • Capitalise on its natural resource endowments and capture significant value throughout the supply chain

  • Accelerate vertical integration domestically and with like-minded nations

  • Drive thought leadership on environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices and meet original manufacturers' expectations

  • Build robust connections with Australian and foreign governments

  • Leverage and benefit from existing incentives in like-minded nations

Sovereign Supply

Capturing Downstream Value


Responsible Practices

Public Perceptions

Become a Member

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Policy Development

International Reach

Networking Opportunities


Thought Leadership

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