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Joining the Association

Membership is open to companies involved in the critical minerals value chain from exploration through, mining, midstream processing, and downstream processing. We recognise the importance of support services such as technology companies, risk analysts, consultants, ESG experts, lawyers, and financiers and are passionate about bringing the entire mining and extractive ecosystem together.

There is only one tier of membership to ensure that all companies have an equal voice, no matter the size or reach of influence. Collectively we can drive change by voicing unified recommendations to governments.

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 Membership Benefits

Policy Development

Develop policy recommendations for your sector by bringing together expert knowledge and industry best practices. Create unified influence on government to achieve collective goals.

Networking Events

Receive the latest political updates on critical minerals. Meet representatives from across governments and hear from policymakers.

Thought Leadership

Meet representatives across the critical minerals value chain and enjoy opportunities for relationship building, networking and discussions.

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Becoming a Member

Joining the association is simple and straightforward.

Express Your Interest

Express your interest by submitting an expression of interest form below. You will receive a brochure.

Chat with the Team

Our team will arrange an informal in-person or virtual chat to get to know your company better.

Join the Association

Once membership has been approved, your company or organisation will become part of the association.

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