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CMAA ESG Webinar - How do Australia's responsible mining practices compare with the Global North?

The CMA Australia (CMAA) was delighted to welcome industry experts and critical minerals companies on 11th May 2023 to discuss where Australia's environmental, social & governance (ESG) is at in comparison to Global North practices and original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) expectations.


▪︎ Rowena Smith, MD and CEO - Australian Strategic Minerals

▪︎ Phoebe Whattoff, Sustainability Manager - Minviro

▪︎ Sarah Gordon, CEO - Satarla

▪︎ Scott Williamson, MD - Blackstone Minerals

Transparency and verification of provenance are increasingly important to OEMs and automakers who want to differentiate their end products as responsible, ethical, and climate-friendly.

Australia brands itself as a top-tier ESG jurisdiction for the responsible mining of critical minerals, but are we quite meeting the Global North's expectations of best practice? Watch below as the experts dive in.



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